The Big Picture

Source Renewables develops, finances, builds and manages solar farms known as Community Solar projects.

Community Solar projects provide energy to the power grid, which in turn provides "power credits" to homeowners, renters and businesses. In the end, our customers save money and at the same time support the growth of clean, safe renewable energy.

Source Renewables works with New York State property owners, as well as municipalities and zoning boards in our land acquisition and development endeavors. Property owners can choose to sell or lease their land to Source Renewables. Source Renewables then develops solar farms that are compliant with all municipal zoning guidelines as well as all Federal, State and local environmental regulations.

We also work with banks, portfolio managers, lenders, investment funds and private investors to finance community solar and large scale solar projects.

Since 2016, Source Renewables has developed solar projects that produce enough energy to power a city of 20,000 for over 30 years.

Community Solar

Source Renewables is a market leader in financing, structuring and developing Community Solar Projects.

Community Solar is good for everyone.


Guaranteed savings every month.

Community Solar allows customers to support green energy from regional solar farms and enjoy savings that lower their electricity bill. Beginning on day one.

Solar energy without solar panels.

You don't need roof panels to benefit from Community Solar. You don't even need a house or a roof.

There's no equipment of any kind for you to deal with. Nothing installed on your roof or property. Community Solar means our solar farms deliver the energy credits, and the guaranteed savings, to you.

Now any utility energy customer in New York can take advantage of the benefits of solar: Save money and help the environment. At the same time.

Clean, renewable energy... forever.

Community Solar makes it possible for subscribers to enjoy reduced electricity energy bills and save money each month.

Community Solar and New York
State VDER* Tariff(s) (Credits)

* Value of Distributed Energy Resources


We have an extraordinary team of financiers.

The senior management at Source Renewables is particularly adept at structuring deals and financing packages. Our decades of experience, creativity and flexibility regarding financial structures enables us to simplify and streamline transactions, reduce "friction" and "transaction" costs, and maximize project benefits for our customers and our partners.


Commercial and
Industrial Solar

Source Renewables... a trusted solar partner for your business.

At Source Renewables, we understand that solar energy is not only good for the is also good for business.

Solar is no longer the energy source of tomorrow. It is truly the energy choice of today...for businesses large and small.

Source Renewables is a trusted, hands-on solar developer with over 50 years of experience. Our financing and management teams work with project owners to create custom financing solutions for every project.

At Source Renewables, we’re proud of our highly experienced and diverse team of professionals. We have a wealth of experience in capital procurement, project development, and managing residential and commercial & industrial power sales. We have a have a deep passion for renewable energy and understand the regulatory and commercial nuances of community solar.


Source Renewables has established deep, long-term relationships that give us access to the formidable resources necessary to facilitate any phase of a solar farm development project, as well as bring that project to completion.

These strategic relationships with other professionals include attorneys, lobbyists, engineers, EPC companies, regulators, specialist CPA’s and others whose primary focus has been solar farm development.

We also understand full well that managing cash flow is critical in our business. Source Renewables is able to provide flexible payment structures that deploy working capital more efficiently (and less expensively) over the lifecycle of a solar project.

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